Okeanos in Marshall Islands

Okeanos Marshall Islands endeavours to provide help and assistance to local communities in need, particularly in the remotest atolls, by providing safe and sustainable sea transportation with an emphasis on conservation, preservation of traditional values and culture, and access to Health Services for all Marshallese people. Our walap is also used as a platform for learning and awareness particularly for schools.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) requests Okeanos to transport NDMO staff to repair and service desalination units before the start of the drought to make sure that the people of the islands have access to clean drinking water. They visited the atolls of Lae, Ujae, Wotho, and Namu as well as Kwajelein Atoll.

Okeanos Marshall Islands continued assisting the Ministry of Health in providing transportation to Maloelap and Aur to carry out vector control to combat Dengue Fever.

During the COVID-19 pandemic OMI keeps operating and much needed food deliveries are made to Outer Atolls including Ailinglaplap, Ailuk, Likiep, Maloelap, and Mili as distribution from cargo ships become unreliable.
OMI also continued engaging with local schools educating students about traditional voyaging and sustainable sea transportation.

Several tons of food and supplies were delivered to Maloelap Atoll whose people suffer from a food shortage & drought. OMI delivered essential goods such as solar panels, as well as batteries for villages’ water declinators and routinely works with Majuro’s MISCO market to bring food to some of the poorest atolls in RMI.

In partnership with the Ministry of Health Okeanos Marshall Islands transports several nurses to conduct medical check up and vaccinations in rural communities.

In addition to servicing the outer island communities, the Okeanos walap is used extensively as an education platform hosting Marshallese school children of all ages from several schools.

Okeanos MI sails to Ebeye to join Kwajalein Day Celebration in Ebeye where a traditional canoe race was being held.

Showing awareness for the impact on pollution, Captain Elmi Juonran made CNN’s headlines for his work with OMI’s various beach clean ups. https://www.facebook.com/Chuukgovupdates/posts/d41d8cd9/1849403878498097/ 

OMI takes part in the Youth Leadership Camp “Combating Climate Change” as a climate change resource speaker.

Students of Ebeye Gem Christian Elementary School honour OMI and are given the chance to sail with OMI.  They learn about the fossil-fuel free canoe and the impacts it has on the ocean.

Supporting a group of researchers from IREI, OMI sails for 4 weeks to extremely remote northern atolls including Bikar and Bokaak.

Okeanos Marshall Islands partners with the government of RMI.

Okeanos Marshall Islands increases their trips to the Outer Islands. The purpose of the trips are mainly to supply dry food and material but also include educational trips. The walap visited Ailuk, Arno, Aur, Bikini, Ebeye, Ebon, Enewetak, Jaluit, Kili, Maloelap, Wotje, and crossed international borders to sail to Kiribati.

During OMI’s first service trip to Enewetak atoll, the crew delivers much-needed textbooks to Enewetak Elementary that were provided by PREL. The science books feature a place-based curriculum specifically geared to Pacific students.

OMI works with PREL and IREI to build community resilience focusing on educational initiatives with school children and teachers in Arno and Mili Atolls.

The Okeanos WALAP “Okeanos Marshall Islands” based in Majuro began operating in RMI in July 2017 on invitation of the president as one of the first ventures to assist implementing sustainable sea transportation efforts.