Okeanos Marshall Islands is an extended innovative venture of the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea. 

Our magnificent Walap (Vaka Motu) is exclusively environmentally friendly fused with known best practices on Pacific Islands traditional knowledge and modern designs running purely on green energies (wind, solar and coconut oil).

Our vision for the future is to constantly grow the fleet of canoes and have one canoe for each atoll to service the Outer Islands to continuously improve the livelihood of all communities.

In using traditional canoes as sustainable sea transportation, our mission is to:
  • Provide regular transportation for food, medical and school supplies to the Outer Islands
  • Provide inter-island transportation to assist the Outer Islands‘ economy
  • Assist sustainable development in the communities
  • Keep practicing and promoting our own traditional culture and knowledge
  • Advocate for our precious environment

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Latest news

  • Okeanos Marshall Islands delivers much needed food to Maloelap Atoll
    On 27 August, Okeanos Marshall Islands packed several tons of food and supplies, e.g. 3 tons of rice, to sail to Maloelap Atoll. The experienced crew leaves Majuro on 28 August and will arrive in Maloelap Atoll one day later. The Maloelap Atoll is a coral atoll of 71 islands ... read more
  • Okeanos Marshall Islands’ first anniversary since its maiden sail to Hawai’i
    It’s been a year, 22 June 2017, since Okeanos Marshall Islands (OMI) made its maiden sail from Auckland, escorting Hokulea Crew from Tahiti to Hawaii to be greeted by thousands during the #MalamaHonua Homecoming ceremony. Today, OMI has serviced over 8 atolls in the Marshall Island and continues to find ... read more
  • Okeanos Marshall Islands engages with the Kids Summer Program in Majuro
    OMI received funds from Kora In Okrane – KIO‘s to conduct a week-long training course for KIO’s “Summer Brain Gain” Program. The Okeanos Marshall Islands crew was extremely honored to be a part of this very meaningful and interesting initiative. OMI engaged with the program on Sustainable Sea Transportation, traditional ... read more
  • Pacific nuclear activist-poet tells stories through culture – and her latest poem
    Nuclear activist, writer and poet Kathy Jetñil-Kijner from the Marshall Islands has launched her new poetry work which has a focus on nuclear weapons. Her newest poem, “Anointed” can be seen as a short film by Dan Lin on YouTube. At da Shop bookstore for the official launch of her poem, Jetñil-Kijner shared her writing process inspiration with ... read more
  • Nuclear Victim’s Day 2018
    What looks like a regular lagoon in the photo above is actually a crater created by the Bravo bomb. And the tiny speck of a canoe is where our crew was seated, looking out at a brilliant blue that was once the site of the largest nuclear blast ever ... read more
  • Okeanos Marshall Islands delivers goods and supplies to Naarmej Island
    Our walap (Vaka Motu) ‘Okeanos Marshall Islands’ and crew were gracefully received and welcomed by the Community of Naarmej Island in Jaluit Atoll as the walap beached and the crew and community members offloaded the goods and food supplies together. These goods and supplies will provide for the Naarmej community members ... read more

Okeanos Marshall Islands is part of the Okeanos Foundation Pan-Pacific Network