Okeanos Marshall Islands is part of the Okeanos Foundation’s Pan-Pacific vaka network and located in Majuro, RMI.

The Okeanos Walap “Okeanos Marshall Islands” began operating in RMI in July 2017 on invitation of the president as one of the first ventures to assist implementing sustainable sea transportation efforts. Since then Okeanos Marshall Islands is assisting RMI’s sea transportation system to sustain livelihood in the Outer Island communities.

OMI has trained more than a dozen Marshallese crew to be open ocean sailors while providing much needed passenger, cargo, health and food transport services to outer island communities including Mili, Aur, Arno, Ailuk, Enewatak, Bikini, Maloelap, Alinglaplap, Ebeye, Jaluit, Wotje, Ebon, Kili, Jabon, and Rongelap.

Our Walap (Vaka Motu) is environmentally friendly, fused with known best practices on Pacific Islands‘ traditional knowledge and modern designs and running purely on green energies (wind, solar and coconut oil).

For the future we imagine to constantly grow the fleet of canoes and have one canoe for each atoll to service the Outer Islands to continuously improve the livelihood of all communities.

Okeanos mission:

Empower Pacific Island people to implement traditionally based sustainable sea transportation to ensure independence, cultural revival and ocean stewardship.

The Vaka Motu supports Marshall Islands goals for regular, reliable and safe sea transportation between the islands while at the same time empowering people and communities, reviving traditional seafaring and navigation skills and creating jobs and business opportunities.

With its vaka operations, Okeanos meets 10 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Okeanos Marshall Islands is part of the Okeanos Foundation Pan-Pacific Network

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