Okeanos Marshall Islands is an extended innovative venture of the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea. 

Our magnificent Walap (Vaka Motu) is exclusively environmentally friendly fused with known best practices on Pacific Islands traditional knowledge and modern designs running purely on green energies (wind, solar and coconut oil).

Our vision for the future is to constantly grow the fleet of canoes and have one canoe for each atoll to service the Outer Islands to continuously improve the livelihood of all communities.

In using traditional canoes as sustainable sea transportation, our mission is to:
  • Provide regular transportation for food, medical and school supplies to the Outer Islands
  • Provide inter-island transportation to assist the Outer Islands‘ economy
  • Assist sustainable development in the communities
  • Keep practicing and promoting our own traditional culture and knowledge
  • Advocate for our precious environment

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Latest news

  • Okeanos Marshall Islands Brings Educational Partnerships to RMI’s Most Remote Communities
    On February 10th, the traditionally designed, fossil fuel-free sailing canoe Okeanos Marshall Islands set sail for a two week voyage for the Nuclear Legacy/Marshallese Arts Project bringing much needed school supplies and a day of literary workshops to Enewetak, one of RMI’s most remote and vulnerable outer island communities still ... read more
  • Okeanos delivers early gift
    All five inhabited islands in Maloelap Atoll reported experiencing food shortages for the past three months. Local food crops are slowly recovering from the recent drought, said Dustin Langidrik, who manages the Okeanos vessel in RMI. “Just in time for the Christmas, and where needed most, Okeanos Marshall Islands delivered ... read more
  • Voyage to learn about Migration and Climate Change – Sailing to Ailuk Atoll, Marshall Islands
    For the past weeks, I have joined the Okeanos Marshall Islands on their trips to Outer Islands supporting the local communities. My first sail in the Pacific was to Ailuk Atoll. To reach the island took us two days over a rough and windy ocean. Although I had basically no ... read more
    On 14 November 2017 at the 23rd UN Conference of the Parties (COP23) in Bonn, Germany, His Excellency President Tommy​ ​Remengesau Jr.​ ​of​ ​Republic​ ​of​ ​Palau​, Her Excellency President Hilda​ ​Heine​ ​of​ ​Republic​ ​of​ ​Marshall​ ​Islands​, His Excellency Vice President Yosiwo​ ​George​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Federated​ ​States​ ​of​ ​Micronesia​, Okeanos Foundation ... read more
  • NGOs descend upon Bonn from all corners of the world
      Iva Nancy Vunikura is in Bonn to save her native island of Fiji from extinction. She is just one of countless non-governmental organization members who have come to Bonn to make their voices heard. An overwhelming number and variety of organizations, initiatives and groups have come to Bonn from ... read more
  • New video about our vaka ‘Okeanos Marshall Islands’
      Okeanos Marshall Islands, led by managing director Dustin LoMoki Langidrik, is serving the people of the outer islands with traditionally designed sustainable sea transportation. Okeanos Foundation is excited to share the inspiring work of Okeanos Marshall Islands at COP23 in support of her Excellency President Hilda Heine, Office of ... read more

Okeanos Marshall Islands is part of the Okeanos Foundation Pan-Pacific Network